Grand Celebration e Eldorado Canyon

Non c'è modo migliore di ammirare il maestoso margine occidentale del Grand Canyon che per via aerea: salite a bordo del nostro elicottero e preparatevi a un'esperienza straordinaria.

Elicottero Atterraggio sul fondale Quad Pasto Baja Jeep Tour Avventura


8 ore



Grand Canyon Explorer and Eldorado Adventure

Apprezzate i panorami del Grand Canyon occidentale prima di salire a bordo dell'elicottero per raggiungere l'Eldorado Canyon. Esplorate una vera miniera d'oro e partite per un'emozionante escursione in ATV o Jeep per un'avventura a tutto tondo!

Elicottero Quad Baja Jeep Tour Avventura


8 ore



Whitewater Rush with Heli Tour

This exhilarating 40-mile Grand Canyon rafting adventure includes helicopter transport to and from the canyon floor.

Acqua Tour Avventura Pasto


13 - 14 ore



Heli with Whitewater Adventure Tour

Esplorate il Grand Canyon dall'alto al basso! Prima scoprite incredibili viste aeree a bordo di un elicottero all'avanguardia, poi imbarcatevi in un rafting emozionante sulle rapide del fiume Colorado tra le altissime pareti rocciose.

Elicottero Acqua Tour Avventura Pasto


11 - 12½ ore



Private Antelope Canyon Expedition

Discover the mystical sandstone walls deep within the world-famous Antelope Canyon.

Aereo Pasto Adventure tour


10 - 11 ore

Tour aereo/a terra del Grand Canyon North

Scappate dalla folla e visitate un esclusivo e stupendo margine, del Grand Canyon, ad accesso limitato. Ammirato da tutti ma accessibile a pochi, questo tour comprende un'avventura sull'ATV sul margine settentrionale del canyon, vicino al famoso Bar10 Ranch.

Aereo Quad Polaris Ranger Pasto


7,5 - 8 ORE



Tour Terra e Aria con pernottamento al Bar 10 Ranch

2 giorni/1 notte con pernottamento al Bar 10 Ranch. Volo aereo da Boulder City, Nevada a Bar 10 Ranch; un'escursione panoramica su un Polaris Ranger nel Grand Canyon settentrionale, escursione a cavallo, cena e intrattenimento.

Aereo Cavallo Polaris Ranger Pasto


2 giorni/1 notte

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Tour avventura da Las Vegas

Escape the chaos of the Las Vegas Strip and immerse yourself in the serene nature of the American Southwest. Papillon's adventure tours from Las Vegas take you out to wild desert regions like the infamous Eldorado Canyon, the historic Bar 10 Ranch, and even down the rapid waters of the Colorado River on the canyon floor. Each destination offers sightseeing experiences unlike any other including off-roading, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and much more. Start your journey to the location of your choosing with a plane tour offering fantastic aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon.

Eldorado Canyon is known for its Wild West reputation in American history. During the mid-1800s, the mines in this secluded canyon brought forth so much wealth that squabbles over gold often ended in gunfights. Your Eldorado Canyon tour begins with a guided trip into this now-abandoned mine, where you'll learn the stories and history of this infamous area. The adventure then continues with an off-roading expedition through the canyon. Visitors 16 years of age and older (with valid driver's licenses) can opt instead for a thrilling ATV tour. Traverse the wild expanse on your own vehicle as you follow an experienced guide along the canyon.

If you're visiting the Grand Canyon but would rather be surrounded by forest than crowds, then Bar 10 Ranch is the way to spend the day. Papillon has exclusive access to Bar 10 Ranch and the surrounding area. Your day consists of Polaris Ranger tours through the wilderness, as well as horseback riding and hiking. Gather a team for beach volleyball or ping pong, or try your hand at skeet shooting. Bar 10 also offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the night at the Grand Canyon. Many guests even choose to sleep outdoors to see for themselves one of the brightest starscapes on Earth.

Another fantastic sightseeing opportunity is a daylong rafting adventure at the floor of the Grand Canyon. Beginning in Peach Springs, Arizona, this tour traverses 40 miles down the Colorado River between the ancient walls of the West Rim. Passengers will delight in the adrenaline rush of surging over several water rapids dispersed throughout this section of the river. Thrill-seekers, adventurers, and beginners alike will all find a Grand Canyon rafting tour to be an exhilarating experience.

I tour avventura di Papillon, con partenza da Las Vegas, propongono attività per tutti i gusti. Scoprite la maestosità del sud-ovest americano e vivete un'esperienza memorabile con i vostri familiari partecipando a una delle nostre escursioni all'aria aperta.